Whale Links To Other Whale Sites

Discover Hervey Bay – Humpback Whales Links

Animal Zone From the UK’s BBC some wonderful stuff on all sorts of animal species including whales. There is also a excellent world whale watching map that highlights whale watching world wide. Well worth a look.

The Oceania Project

The Oceania Project is a non-profit education and research organisation dedicated to raising awareness about Cetacea (Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises ) and the Ocean Environment.

Whale Watching in Queensland, Australia

One of the best whale watching sites I have ever seen. Well worth checking out. Excellent work!!!

Whale Tales other Whale Links

A very good site based in the US with very good information on all species of whales.


WhaleTimes will take you on an adventure to the ocean. Do you like seals, sharks, penguins and whales? Then you’re going to love WhaleTimes. Find out how your favourite animals survive in the sea. What they eat, where they live and much more.

Whale Club

This Marine Mammal Website features educational links, gift shop, photos, adoption kits, information explaining how you can help save marine mammals and much more.

Discovering Whales – The Humpback Whale Links

The Virtual Whale Project 3D Animation and sound environment for the visualization of the feeding behaviors of Pacific Humpback Whales

Newfoundland Whales

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